Safeguarding the Public, Officers and Organisations

Our Chronicle suite supports organisations in protecting the public and their officers in high risk operational areas such as Firearms. We work with every Home Office Police force and several government agencies to ensure their high risk specialist human resources are appropriately trained, accredited and deployable; enabling them to meet their operational demands and protect and safeguard the public with confidence and efficiency. Chronicle is specifically designed for the user and underpinned by a team of specialists with years of policing experience.


One of the main factors in managing the effectiveness of operational-centric business activities and processes is the need for timely and relevant information. Chronicle improves operational performance through a continual process of monitoring workforce skills and aligning them to operational delivery. Chronicle enables you to target training at those who require it most, increasing workforce availability, improving efficiency and reducing cost.


In highly regulated industries, it is imperative that your organisation can demonstrate both the competence of staff and compliance with industry standards. Chronicle evidences compliance at the click of a button and ensures that your staff are able to evidence their training, professional knowledge and experience.


Chronicle gives a precise overview of your currently qualified workforce, enabling you to deploy appropriately trained staff and accurately predict future resourcing or training requirements

Central Administration & Monitoring of all specialist training and high value assets

Protect staff and the organisation by ensuring your specialist resources are appropriately trained

Instant Capacity & Capability reports for all specialisms and high value assets

Comply with national, regional and local policies and training curriculums

Comprehensive management reports across all specialisms and high value assets

Interface your crucial Chronicle data across other business platforms such as duties management


Our Chronicle Operational Support Framework Suite can be deployed either within an organisations own IT infrastructure or on our secure hosting environment. Organisations are able to deploy a single instance for one organisation or deploy a Chronicle instance which supports multiple organisations simultaneously.

We host cloud deployments which monitor the training and accreditation of over 49,000 people as well as high security deployments which manage access, issue, return and maintenance of high value assets.

Our staff have many years experience in the deployment of Chronicle and they are able to assist and advise organisations with the choice of deployment model.