Social Value Statement

1 Introduction

JML Software Solutions Ltd “JML” is committed to enhancing the area it works in and the people it works with. JML takes its social responsibilities seriously and proactively works to ensure it maximises the beneficial impact on society and the environment.

As a supplier to all UK Home Office police forces, JML cannot commit to enhancing social value in all areas local to each customer, but instead looks to contribute locally to its base in Buckinghamshire and to national schemes. Some of the areas we believe we enhance social value are set out below.

2 Employment

2.1 Flexible Working Policy

Employees are permitted to work flexible hours and accrue lieu days in order to achieve a work-life balance to suit them.

2.2 Learning in the Workplace

Employees are encouraged to identify training needs in order to help career progression and workplace mentoring is encouraged. Career paths are well defined and progress is tracked.

2.3 Volunteering

Employees are permitted to undertaken volunteer work during work time where approved in advance. During the initial lockdown in April 2020, one employee volunteered at the local NHS Assessment Centre and is now looking to help co-ordinate the vaccination programme in his area.

JML also supports the Home Office Employer Supported Policing scheme for which we offer additional paid leave if an employee is successful in becoming a Special Constable or Police Support Volunteer.

2.4 Rewards and Benefit Scheme

JML has recently reviewed the package offered to employees and, as a result, has enhanced employer pension contributions and the flexible benefits package as well as benchmarking salaries

3 Charitable Donations and Sponsorship

JML has previously made a significant donation to the PFOA Museum and supports the annual PFOA Ball. Adhoc donations and sponsorships are made where appropriate; such as sponsoring PC Dawn Wood’s Atlantic Ocean rowing challenge and, more recently, donating to Signal Telecom’s Christmas Gift campaign.

We are also currently having discussions with the England Police RUFC regarding sponsorship for the 2021/22 season

4 Environment

JML is committed to minimising its environmental impact through the use of recycling facilities within its offices. Printing is discouraged except where necessary and all documents are stored electronically.

Employees are encouraged to travel by train where possible and to car share if train travel is not an option. The only company car within JML is a fully electric vehicle.

Employees are not required to travel to the office unless needed for a meeting, thereby reducing unnecessary travel.