Secure Public Sector Hosting

JML Software Solutions Limited have partnered with ANS to provide your organisation with the option of a secure, accredited cloud solution. With our cloud solution, your data is housed in our government-certified data centres located in the UK.

The cloud solution is fully monitored and maintained on your behalf with agreed service level agreements in place to ensure service performance. Active monitoring is configured to enable early warning and remediation of issues prior to the service being affected.

Our cloud solution can be flexed during the contract period to cater for your additional future requirements, such as additional Chronicle modules or increased end user population. Our data centres are approved as Police Approved Secure Facilities (PASF) with connectivity to the private networks used by all the emergency services, including HSCN, PSN, PSN for Policing and the Internet.

Our Data Centres

Key facts

Power and cooling

Each data centre is fed from high-capacity primary substations and independent high-voltage networks. They are protected by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and diesel generators in an N+1 configuration; ensuring 100% power availability. The data centres hold a minimum of 1000 47U racks fed by 32AMP commando sockets beneath the raised floor, with dual A&B feeds for added redundancy. Additionally, the data centres use air-cooled DX chillers in an N+1 configuration and cold-aisle containment to minimise air loss and increase efficiency.

Fire and security

The data centres are equipped with gas-based fire suppression and world-class VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and alarms. The smoke detectors are linked to the DCIM system and monitored continually, ensuring problems are localised and disruption is minimised. The data centre complex is manned 24/7/365 by security guards and is protected by multiple physical and electronic security systems, including 2.8m prison fencing, CCTV and multi-factor access control systems. The complex is managed round-the-clock by an in-house team of data centre and facility management engineers.

Data sovereignty

The data centres were built from the ground up by ANS who also own the land, the buildings and the infrastructure, enabling total end-to-end control. The data centres are located in multiple locations across the North West of England and are linked to a choice of transit and peering connections. Your data is always stored securely within the UK and with 100% power availability and built-in redundancy for all critical components, you can be assured your mission critical applications will always be online.