Chronicle Armoury Management Module


Developed in partnership with the former Home Office Scientific Development Branch (now known as CAST), the Chronicle Armoury Management System is designed to provide efficient and effective day-today management of the issue, return and maintenance of firearms and munitions through the use of RFID technology. Linked to our secure door access, you can be assured that your weapon inventory is accounted for 24/7. Chronicle Armoury Management controls access to armouries and weapons based on an individuals’ current authorisation level and is seamlessly linked to the Firearms Training and Operations, CED or Public Order modules to ensure only currently authorised personnel can gain access.

The system is capable of coping with numerous transactions at multiple locations simultaneously, whilst enabling organisations to centrally monitor the issue and return process where supervision is a problem. In addition, the armoury system provides Armourers or Weapon Maintainers with service and maintenance tracking history and ammunition stock control information, providing automatic email alerts when service or maintenance is due or a weapon return is overdue.

Central Administration & Monitoring

Simple Fast Issue & Return Process

Secure Door Access

Centralised Reports

Maintenance & Service Schedules

Full Armoury Inventory Management

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To find out more about the module, please download the Armoury module data sheet.