Chronicle Asset Cabinets


Chronicle Asset Cabinets are designed to provide efficient and effective day-to-day management of the issue and return of Conducted Energy Devices (CED). Using our established, robust armoury technology, the issue, return and maintenance of CEDs can be centrally monitored and controlled whilst being secured by our Asset Cabinets, negating the need for supervisors at remote locations.

Email alerts for the late return of CEDs or for unauthorised attempts to access the door of a Chronicle Asset Cabinet ensure that your force is quickly notified of issues requiring investigation and action. Following the wider use and roll out of CEDs to Specially Trained Officers (STOs) at multiple, and often remote, locations, it is important for forces to safeguard the security of CEDs as well as ensuring that only authorised STOs have access to them.

Our networked Chronicle Asset Cabinets provide your force with the ability to secure CEDs in purposebuilt, secure cabinets which utilise the same access control features as our Armoury management system. This ensures that only authorised STOs can gain access to the CEDs. Access to the cabinet is based on an individuals’ current authorisation level as calculated by Chronicle, to which the Chronicle Asset Cabinet is seamlessly linked.

Central Administration & Monitoring

Simple Fast Issue & Return Process

Secure Door Access & Storage

Centralised Reports

Maintenance & Service Schedules

Complete CED Inventory Management

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To find out more about the module, please download the Asset Cabinets module data sheet.