Chronicle CED Module


Chronicle Conducted Energy Device (CED) Module is a unique CED training management system designed in collaboration with police officers to encompass all aspects of training for Specially Trained Officers across a force, collaboration or region.

Linked to the standardised national curriculum, Chronicle CED captures all the information required to assist your force in evidencing compliance and training for your Specially Trained Officers to maintain authority to carry CED. You can record training, inform your workforce training plan, improve efficiency and reduce absenteeism from courses.

When linked to the Chronicle Armoury System through our Asset Cabinets, the system will allow you to monitor all issue, return and maintenance of CEDs across your force, collaboration or region ensuring CED can only be accessed by authorised officers and demonstrate correct downloading and servicing in accordance with national guidelines.

The integrated Use of Force form automatically feeds the quarterly NPoCC returns as well as providing a quality assurance workflow for supervisors thereby ensuring complete data is provided to NPoCC.

Central Administration & Monitoring of STO training

Instant Capacity & Capability of all STO's

Ensure CED's only available to authorised officers

Comply with national, regional and local policies and training curriculum's

Comprehensive management reports

Link to Asset Cabinets for secure, audited storage of CEDs

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To find out more about the module, please download the CED module data sheet.