Chronicle Drone Module


Chronicle Drone Module is a unique unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) management system designed in collaboration with police officers to encompass all aspects of operational and training requirements for Drone Managers and Pilots across a force, collaboration or region. Linked to a standardised national training course, Chronicle Drone captures all information required to assist your force in evidencing Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) operational compliance in areas of competency, training and flight log recording for all your Pilots. All pilots and drone related equipment are managed to ensure they remain authorised and operational using combined monitoring of pilot hours, authority levels, maintenance and service schedules. 

Central Administration & Monitoring of Drone managers & Pilots

Instant Capacity & Capability of all Drone managers and Pilots

Comply with CAA national, regional and local policies

Comprehensive management reports

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To find out more about the module, please download the Drones module data sheet.