Chronicle Firearms Training and Operations Module


Chronicle Firearms Training and Operations Module is a unique management system designed in collaboration with police officers to encompass all areas of operational and occupational competence for any officer involved in firearms use or management across a force, collaboration or region.

Linked to a standardised curriculum and national role profiles, Chronicle captures all information required to help your force maintain the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum. You can record training in ranges, on exercises and across force boundaries for all firearms officers and commanders as well as record live operations and deployments to inform your Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment, inform your workforce training plan, improve efficiency and reduce absenteeism from courses. The configurability of Chronicle ensures the system fulfils the requirements of CoP Licence re-accreditation.

When linked to the Chronicle Armoury System which can incorporate door access control, the system allows you to monitor all issue, return and maintenance of weapons across your force, collaboration or region.

JML understands the importance of maintaining both operational and occupational competence of your firearms officers; therefore, to support your use of the software, we offer a Health Check service to ensure your system structure and records meet with CoP licence requirements.

Central Administration & Monitoring of Authorised Firearms Officers and Commanders

Instant Capacity & Capability of all Authorised Firearms Officers and Commanders

Comply with national, regional and local policies and training curriculums

Comprehensive management reports

Capture Operational Competence for all Firearms Officers and Commanders

Link to our Amrouy module for secure storage and fully audited issue and return of all weapons

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To find out more about the module, please download the Firearms module data sheet.