Chronicle Public Order & CBRN Training and Operations Module


The Chronicle Public Order and CBRN Training and Operations Management Module is a unique skills and equipment management system designed in collaboration with police officers. It encompasses all aspects of Public Order and CBRN training and operations across a force, collaboration or region.

Linked to a standardised curriculum and national role profile, Chronicle Public Order captures all information required to assist forces in training and equipping Public Order and CBRN specialist staff.

Chronicle Public Order allows your force to capture required operational and occupational competence, ensuring compliance with NPCC role profiles which mandate minimum levels of annual operational exposure. Through Chronicle’s integrated training planning and recording, your training managers are able to define future course requirements linked to strategic requirements.

Central Administration & Monitoring of all Public Order Officers & Commanders

Instant Capacity & Capability of all Public Order Officers & Commanders

Comply with national, regional and local policies and training curriculums

Comprehensive management reports

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To find out more about the module, please download the Public Order module data sheet.