Newsletter July 2023

Published 15th August 2023

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Welcome to the latest news update from the Chronicle team. We have been very busy with the launch of C4 v1 and are now working hard to deliver v2 with even more functionality. Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to your colleagues should you feel it may be of interest to them. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at or on +44 (0) 330 223 3258.


Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January 2024

JML Software Solutions Ltd has pleasure in inviting you and your colleagues to the 2024 Chronicle User Event. The event will take place at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre, Swallow House, Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ.

The purpose of the event is for our customers to meet the JML team and get expert help and advice as well as speak to other Chronicle users. A detailed agenda will follow, which will include guest speakers, product showcases and module specific workshops.

Due to overwhelming interest in this event, we will have to limit registrations to 3 per force at this time. Those that have already replied will have secured their places. If more than 3 registrations are required, you can apply for more and they will be added to a waiting list.

If you require further information regarding this event, please email


We are very excited to inform you that the first phase of Chronicle 4 (C4) has been released.

C4 delivers significantly enhanced features and performance whilst retaining Chronicle’s reputation for reliability, stability, and audit tracking. The initial C4 release consists of the new Chronicle Armoury Client to deliver maximum benefit to our customers given the prevalence of armoury deployments, the continued uplift of CED’s and Specially Trained Officers (STOs) in many forces and the alignment by the College of Policing of the licensing requirements for CED’s with Firearms.

We have listened to our customer base and included improvements such as no visible synchronisation which means there will be no waiting times between each issue and return. We have also included a process that can be followed in the event of a forgotten or damaged ID card and the ability to display an officers outstanding asset during the weapon returns process. Other improvements include, but are not restricted to: Multiple asset support, Integrated workflows, Mobile device support (laptops) and introduction of a plug-and-play USB combined reader & antenna.

Please feel free to contact our product owner David Hopkins at to arrange a demonstration or for further details on the benefits of the new Chronicle Armoury Client.


We are pleased to announce that Exit Buttons can now be installed to armouries which have Chronicle Door Access Control. The exit button is installed to the inside of the armoury next to the door and enables the electronic release of the lock without using the handle on the inside of the armoury door. This means that the Armoury Notification, “Door Opened Unexpectedly”, is not generated when the Exit Button is used. This reduces the number of notifications generated which will benefit those armouries with high volumes of officers entering and exiting the armoury. The installation of the Exit Button can be completed within a couple of hours and requires an update to the Chronicle Armoury software.

Please contact us if you would like a quotation for the installation of Exit Buttons to your armouries.


C4 user guides have now been added to the ‘Resources’ page within the Customer Zone on our website. These are now available alongside the video tutorials and supporting user guides for C3.

We are currently working on a ‘Common Support Incidents Document’ for the Customer Zone which will provide the processes and resolutions to the most common customer enquiries. The Customer Zone aims to give visitors a central place to find the answers and instructions that they need to resolve common issues and familiarise themselves with module specific features and functionality. Force IT and Chronicle Admins are advised to contact JML Support if they have any topics that they wish to be included.

Click here to access the Support page or contact us to find out more


Mark Burbidge – Client Services Manager

After 10 years loyal service, Mark is now old enough to retire despite his boyish looks opposite! Mark has been a fantastic client services manager in his time with JML and will undoubtedly be missed by JML staff and customers alike. Despite loving his work and visiting customers, Mark has decided that cruises and holidays are the way ahead for him and his family.

Mark has been instrumental in progressing Chronicle down the years and has also helped us with his succession planning. Some of you will already know Nigel and Ross who work with Mark and due to Chronicle’s continued success, we are looking forward to welcoming Sam to the team in September.

We are sure you will join us in wishing Mark all the best in his retirement and we look forward to receiving the promised postcards from around the world.